What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a dispute resolution process that benefits families.  During the process, couples design a solution that maximizes the emotional and financial health of their family.  The process empowers the participants to make decisions about their children, finances, and health, and to reach a resolution respectfully and confidentially. 

How Does Collaborative Divorce Process Work?

The parties enter into a participation agreement in which they agree to resolve the divorce without court intervention.  In a series of meetings, the participants develop a comprehensive settlement.  Each party is represented by an attorney.  The team also includes two neutrals, a financial advisor and a mental health professional.   The team approach is key to helping the parties stay focused on the children and learn new ways of constructively communicating.

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

  • Process focuses on creating a new vision for your family
  • Privacy and confidentiality are assured, rather than sensitive matters being discussed and debated in publicly-filed court documents
  • Participants control and design their own life solutions with minimal court involvement
  • Increased peace and mental health; stress and animosity are reduced
  • Children are the primary focus
  • Compliance with settlement terms is greater because the parties designed it